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The County and Bay of Quinte Region offer dozens of sheltered harbour facilities and full service marinas that cater to power and sail boats and are located throughout the region. Picton is just a one day cruise from either the Trent Severn Waterway, the Rideau Canal system, or the Thousand Islands.

Trenton Bay: Largemouth Pike, Panfish & Walleye, Bass,Perch.
Trenton Bay is located at the most north western part of the Bay of Quinte. The Trent River feeds into it and the mouth of the river is a well known walleye spot. At the most western part is the entrance to the Murray Canal which is an 8 km canal that opens into Presqu’ile Bay on Lake Ontario.

Belleville Bay: Largemouth & Smallmouth Pike, Panfish & Walleye
Belleville Bay is located at the mouth of the Moria River and is another hot spot for walleye. It also boasts great largemouth and perch fishery. Many islands can be discovered in and around the bay which make for great fishing spots.

Moira River: Largemouth & Smallmouth Pike, Muskie, Panfish & Walleye
The Moira River cuts through downtown Belleville and travels further north towards Tweed. The river has a good run of walleye in the spring as many fishermen line the shore of the Moira when the season opens in early May. Smallmouth bass can also be caught in areas with fast moving current. It not an uncommon site to see fly fishermen wading through the water looking for their next fish. In addition, the upper part of the Moira has a good population of muskie.

Big Bay: Largemouth & Smallmouth Pike, Panfish & Walleye, Perch, Bass
Big Bay is one of the largest areas on the Bay of Quinte and can also be the roughest when a storm stirs up. Big Bay is known for its walleye and it’s quite common to see boats trolling in areas like Point Anne, Horse Point, Minnie Blakely Shoal, and Big Island Shoal

Muscote Bay: Largemouth Pike, Panfish & Walleye
Moscote Bay is a weedy bay south of Big Bay. It has a good population of largemouth bass and lots of pike. There are lots of bullrushes from which one can pull some decent sized hogs. The many batches of pencil reeds are a lot of fun to meticulously work for a trophy fish!

Telegraph Narrows: Largemouth & Smallmouth Pike, Panfish & Walleye
This long narrow area between Big Bay & the Deseronto bridge has a good population of smallmouth and also is a favorite area for walleye anglers.

Long Reach: Largemouth, Smallmouth Pike, Panfish & Walleye
This narrow long stretch connects to Hay Bay and was known for its power boat races in the 1960s.

Hay Bay: Largemouth, Pike, Panfish & Walleye
Hay Bay is the long arm off of Long Reach, its eastern end, which becomes shallow and weedy and has great largemouth fishing. The western end gets deeper and sees a lot of anglers trolling for walleye.

Adolphus Reach: Largemouth, Smallmouth, Salmon, Pike, Panfish & Walleye
In the fall this area is jammed full of anglers trolling for 10+ pound walleyes. Its deep water which sometimes exceeds 100 feet, can be stacked with walleye making their annual migration into the Bay of Quinte to stage in front of the spawning rivers.

Napanee River: Largemouth, Smallmouth, Pike, Salmon, Panfish & Walleye
This river runs through the town of Napanee and has a good walleye run in the spring along with a fantastic salmon run. It stretches as far up as the town of Verona

Huyck’s Bay: Salmon

Weelingston Bay: Lake Trout

Salmon Point: Salmon

Wellers Bay: Walleye, Bass, Pike

Consecon Lake: Bass and Pike

West Lake: Bass, Walleye, Pike

East Lake: Bass, Pike

Prince Edward Bay – Timber Island: Lake Trout, Salmon

Prince Edward Bay: Perch, Bass, Pike

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